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Olla Advisory provides specialist advice, business and leadership guidance, and implementation services to business and across the full life-cycle of large and complex infrastructure projects.

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We focus on achieving successful outcomes for businesses and projects through a collaborative and inclusive approach to strategy and leadership.

Strategic Advice;

  • Business strategies and plans

  • Business case development

  • Project planning

  • Investment analysis

  • Bid consortium establishment

  • Procurement options analysis

Strategic Leadership;

  • Executive advisory

  • Board  and ELT roles

  • Business integration

  • PPP project structures and procurement

  • Project Director guidance

  • Consultant team & disciplinary oversight

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We bring substantial knowledge and understanding of the conceptual design, planning, business case development, regulatory approvals, procurement, funding and financing of major infrastructure.

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Stakeholder Engagement;

  • Stakeholder mapping and planning

  • Community engagement strategies

  • Communication strategies and plans

  • Private sector industry engagement

  • Financier engagement

  • Consultant team & disciplinary oversight

Transaction Services

  • Transaction design and leadership

  • Commercial and contractual frameworks 

  • Funding and financing options

  • Financial close management

  • Procurement, evaluation and negotiations

  • Value for money analysis

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With extensive hands on experience of managing complex teams and diverse stakeholder interests we know what it takes to deliver successful, safe, high quality outcomes on-time and on-budget.

Implementation Services;

  • Project management & organisation structures 

  • Business and project leadership guidance

  • Relationship management

  • Contract management

  • Risk management and recovery strategies

  • Change management and negotiations

Concession Management;

  • Executive advisory 

  • Board  and Executive leadership roles

  • Concession contractual management

  • Stakeholder relationship advisory

  • Concessionaire business plans

  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M) strategies

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Services: Projects
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