Olla Advisory provides specialist advice, business and leadership guidance, and implementation services to business and across the full life-cycle of large and complex infrastructure projects.



We focus on achieving successful outcomes for businesses and projects through a collaborative and inclusive approach to strategy and leadership.

Strategic Advice;

  • Business strategies and plans

  • Business case development

  • Project planning

  • Investment analysis

  • Bid consortium establishment

  • Procurement options analysis

Strategic Leadership;

  • Executive advisory

  • Board  and ELT roles

  • Business integration

  • PPP project structures and procurement

  • Project Director guidance

  • Consultant team & disciplinary oversight

Business Meeting Discussion


We bring substantial knowledge and understanding of the conceptual design, planning, business case development, regulatory approvals, procurement, funding and financing of major infrastructure.

Business Graphs

Stakeholder Engagement;

  • Stakeholder mapping and planning

  • Community engagement strategies

  • Communication strategies and plans

  • Private sector industry engagement

  • Financier engagement

  • Consultant team & disciplinary oversight

Transaction Services

  • Transaction design and leadership

  • Commercial and contractual frameworks 

  • Funding and financing options

  • Financial close management

  • Procurement, evaluation and negotiations

  • Value for money analysis



With extensive hands on experience of managing complex teams and diverse stakeholder interests we know what it takes to deliver successful, safe, high quality outcomes on-time and on-budget.

Implementation Services;

  • Project management & organisation structures 

  • Business and project leadership guidance

  • Relationship management

  • Contract management

  • Risk management and recovery strategies

  • Change management and negotiations

Concession Management;

  • Executive advisory 

  • Board  and Executive leadership roles

  • Concession contractual management

  • Stakeholder relationship advisory

  • Concessionaire business plans

  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M) strategies

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